Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Can the race ever be for the swift?
And the battle be won by the weak?
Upon these questions, I do think.
Why wickedness within ourselves continue to uplift.
It's a crazy thing that people get praises from their evil deeds.
For how long will it sustain them and their selfish needs?

It has never been a worthy thing to do.
For we hardly think about what comes next.
Searching for the unseen until we end up screwing ourselves.
Always wanting to change 'East to west'.
Acting greedily as if we have no clue.
But how long will that take us, till we get to where we want to see ourselves?

How long do you want excess food to be on your tables?
When it's at the expense of the poor and the disabled.
Your family is being protected while many are out there vulnerable.
How long do you think your life will be at it's highest peak?
When you are filled with pride, and only bout yourself you do think.
Be careful for you don't know, 'HOW LONG?'.
For life can vanish in a blink.

To the weak and feeble, I say be strong.
To the oppressed and needy, I say have courage.
Weep no more for your time is near.
Your future will be bright, and your tomorrow will be clear.
You will be happy and be filled with songs.
For even though it seems long, it may not be long.

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