Thursday, 21 July 2016

Agony of a Poet

Each day takes us closer to the grave
But what's life without risk and risk without being brave
All I want is to be free; breaking the chains of being a slave
As I walk into the finest of nature; for such moments I do crave.

All I've ever wanted was to love and be loved
But my past keep bringing me more problems than I've ever solved
I can't really explain the kind of life that I'm living
It's like whenever I set my goals, the passion to move gets dissolved.

I've got a desire burning deep inside
I know what I want but others think it's pride
No one is willing to help except by their rules I must abide
Which means my life will go by whatever they decide

Life teaches us many things without having to pay fees
Sometimes I wish I can write all my frustrations in one piece
The war that takes place in my mind,  leaving my heart with no peace
Hoping for brighter days as the darkness do increase

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Smile Mama Salone

Sometimes I wonder if sufferings are exactly what fortune brings
The struggles you've been through as your heart bleeds
You've seen wickedness take over the heart of your children
Selfishness and greed; the young has no respect for their kindred
To ourselves we ponder if there is any hope for tomorrow
Cause our minds are filled with negative thoughts and our hearts full  of sorrow
We live as if we are the last of our kind and there is non to follow
Only if we knew our days are numbered and our lives borrowed
I am sure you see us as a set on stage drama
We lack punctuation; no full stop, no comma
We perpetually bring you sadness that's why I miss your smile Mama
Unity, peace and love you've tried to teach us as your own
Yet we keep bringing sacrilege to thy humble throne
This saddens me for all l ever want to see is for you to smile Mama Salone.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Mother, My Motivation

She's being there even when I had no idea
She's held me through the dark stages till it's all clear
She's my strength and courage that kicks away every fear
She's my mother,  my motivation, and that's why I share.

Every second, her words keep playing in my mind
She's my search engine to whatever I want to find
She's the most unique being in the universe, I haven't seen her kind
My mother, my motivation, the pace that keeps up my grind.

She's the best friend I've ever had
We're so close that I never miss my dad
Always correcting my wrongs and never making me look bad
Gives me hope in distress; the reason I'm always glad

My mother, my life's greatest motivation
She's the best I've had, my main inspiration
In all I do,  she ensures she makes her little contribution
My mother, the best in the universe not only our nation.

Monday, 27 June 2016


So many things going on yet we mostly tend not to care
We are scared of what of to say; living in perpetual fear
What good does it make if our feelings we cannot share?
Instead, we watch things grow worst year after year

Let’s talk about the selfish leaders in our nations
They’re more like the serpent in God’s creation
All they say are words that lure us into damnation
While we suffer with no hope for our future generation

Let’s talk about the homeless kids on our streets
How do they live, clothe, or even get food to eat?
No shelter, no education; yet we claim they are the future
I really don’t get the type of image we’re trying to capture

Let’s talk about ourselves; me and you…
We never take responsibilities for the things we do
Always wanting others to step into our shoes

And we blame them for not paying our dues… let’s talk!

Friday, 24 June 2016

I know what it feels like

Sometimes people see me as the “has it all” type
They’re thinking my roses are red and my fruits all ripe
Or maybe I was born with a golden bracelet round my hand
They keep thinking things without trying to understand
But they don’t know that I’ve walked bare footed on wet sand.

I know what it feels like to be raised by a single parent
Mama had to pay fees, feed the home and also pay rent
Had to use rope round my waist because there was no belt
Used a pair of shoes for many academic years till it gets bent
To sleep on an empty stomach, no light to do homework, all that I’ve felt.

I know what it feels like to have dreams and it only stays in your sleep
Your heart burns with disappointments and to your pillow you do weep
You toil so hard to achieve success but only failure you do reap
It’s like you’re in a dark hole, so dangerous and deep
You feel so terrible and think it’s best to end your life’s trip

When I say ‘I know how it feels like’, I really do know
I know what it means when you can’t harvest when you sow
The struggles in life are real and they’ve watched me as I grow
I know… I really do know; it’s not something I’ve learnt from some reality show

That’s why I never stay on the fast lane instead I take life really slow.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


So many things seem not to be going on the right path
Hoping for a better end but with a horrible start
We all embrace the wrong and neglect the fact
What if we had the chance to take decisions?
How would we act in such position?

What if we were what we constantly criticize?
I mean the people we tag as “devil in disguise”
Would we have step up to act as wise?
Or maybe make the same excuses as the ones we criticize?
Please make time to think and analyze…

What if we all forget about race and religion?
Embrace each other, irrespective of our region
No wars, we all embrace peace and live as one
The world will be a better place with much fun
Cause we don’t really need the bombs and guns

Monday, 20 June 2016


I can be whoever, however, wherever
It’s up to me to say ‘now’ or ‘never’
I can choose to be still or flow like a river
It’s my choice to act stupid or be clever.

You can’t force me off my will
You can never beat me at my skill
You can’t push me to take your deal
You can’t teach me my own drill.

Only I can decide what happens to my life
Whether I choose to stay single or take a wife
Or maybe look at the other end which may not be nice
But it’s my life, my decision to be precise.
We all make choices, whether good or bad
For instance, I disowned my dad
It’s not up to you to tell if it’s wise or mad
Though it comes with a consequence for me to be an abandoned lad.