Friday, 24 June 2016

I know what it feels like

Sometimes people see me as the “has it all” type
They’re thinking my roses are red and my fruits all ripe
Or maybe I was born with a golden bracelet round my hand
They keep thinking things without trying to understand
But they don’t know that I’ve walked bare footed on wet sand.

I know what it feels like to be raised by a single parent
Mama had to pay fees, feed the home and also pay rent
Had to use rope round my waist because there was no belt
Used a pair of shoes for many academic years till it gets bent
To sleep on an empty stomach, no light to do homework, all that I’ve felt.

I know what it feels like to have dreams and it only stays in your sleep
Your heart burns with disappointments and to your pillow you do weep
You toil so hard to achieve success but only failure you do reap
It’s like you’re in a dark hole, so dangerous and deep
You feel so terrible and think it’s best to end your life’s trip

When I say ‘I know how it feels like’, I really do know
I know what it means when you can’t harvest when you sow
The struggles in life are real and they’ve watched me as I grow
I know… I really do know; it’s not something I’ve learnt from some reality show

That’s why I never stay on the fast lane instead I take life really slow.

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