Tuesday, 29 November 2016

In His Own Words

Years ago, there lived a very rich man; he was a multi billionaire. His name's Joel Anderson but his generosity  to the people in his country, Sierra Leone, made the masses to crown him the Don of the Capital, Freetown. Therefore, Joel Anderson was popularly known as Don Anderson.  He was a good will ambassador with charitable organisations in his name across the African region. However, Don Anderson, irrespective of his accomplishments and wealthy possessions was not quiet happy for he had a scattered family that has no prospect of maintaining the legacy he was going to leave after his demise when his time comes.
Joel Anderson was unhappily married to Rose Anderson for 35 years and they had 2 boys and a beautiful but unruly daughter. The oldest was Benedict Anderson commonly called Ben. He's 30 years old but has nothing to show for his years except for abusing drugs and lavishing his father's wealth on prostitutes. Ben's lifestyle influenced his younger brother, Kenny, so much that he started following his footsteps. Kenny was 5 years less older than Ben and 3 years older than their sister Noella. Noella  was more like her mum; she looks out only for herself and cares less for family except for the fact that she loves her father very much but she never got along with her mother.
Don Anderson loved travelling; he likes visiting new places. However, he was struck with heart illness that made him visit many advanced hospitals in Europe and America in search of cure, unfortunately he couldn't find one. His illness grew worse daily so advice from concerned friends and relatives made him seek for a native herbal treatment in his country.
After visiting many herbal homes and still couldn't find cure to his sickness, his best friend decided to take him to Furawa, a village in Kabala Town, Koinadugu district, that is situated in the northern province of Sierra Leone. Upon their arrival, Joel came across a beautiful young lady that was a practising nurse at the the village. Her name's Ellen.
Ellen is a humanitarian that had moved to Furawa to help her people with good medical care. Because of her medical beliefs she constantly discourages the people in Furawa to stay away from herbal drugs, "not that they are bad, but they have no right diagnosis that makes it medically condemned", she always tells the people whenever they try to come up with an argument. When Ellen saw Joel, she knew he had something that was troubling him that is health related. She immediately walked up to him with a beautiful smile she always wore on her face, introduced herself and asked why Don Anderson was in their village.
Being a man with a free spirit and an open mind, he shared with her his distress that made him to be in Furawa. Nurse Ellen being such a caring person offered accommodation to Don Anderson and his friend, Tom, that took him there.
When they got to her apartment, Ellen decide to make dinner for her guests and asked them to freshen up then have some rest.
Few hours later, dinner was ready. Ellen asked her guests to join her at the dinning table. After having a great meal, Ellen decide to start with her medical words of caution. She tried convincing Don Anderson why he shouldn't go in for herbal treatments but should continue with the medical treatments he has being having. Eventually, Nurse Ellen was able to convince him not to take the herbal treatment but Don Anderson decided to stay a couple more days after his friend had left disappointed with his decision.
The Don spent few day in Furawa and it happened that during those times he fell in love with Nurse Ellen and that made him to be visiting the village regularly. Their love grew tighter and eventually, Nurse Ellen became pregnant. Don Anderson was very much happy when he had the news. He wanted to marry her and move her to the city  but Nurse Ellen couldn't agree because her Christian faith won't let her get into a polygamous marriage. Also, the passion for her job and the love for the people of the village won't let her leave.
Her mind was made up and she thought the only way to get her decision to stand was to cut Don Anderson off. She asked him that they stop seeing each other but promised to give correct updates on the child she's going to deliver.
This was a very hard decision she took however, The Don had to forcefully respect it; for the first time in his life, Don Anderson was in love but unfortunately, he had to stay away for the sake of his unborn child and the woman whom he loves so much.
Eventually, Nurse Allen had a baby girl and she had told Don Anderson about his daughter as promised. The name of nurse Ellen's daughter is Joella Anderson. Joella grew very fast but it happened that when she was eight years old, Don Anderson's heart disease returned to him and this time, it was extremely serious.
Assuming he might not survive his recent attack, as hoped by his wife and children, Don Anderson decide to gather his family and called on his lawyer as he was going to read out his will.

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