Friday, 2 March 2012


Sometimes, it's  really hard to believe that I survived.
In a world full of trouble, yet on eagles wing I do ride.
Having hope, faith and courage, but pride I do put aside.
It's hard to believe that I'm the same me that has got favor, glory and honor on my side.

'I'm I really me?' Is the question I normally ask myself.
Especially when I'm out of track, but still doing things by myself.
For pains and sufferings, happiness and joy, are part of life themselves.
So one needs to be prepared to accept things to him or herself.

It's obvious that distraction and deviation may try to occur.
But be strong and don't give in neither try to succumb.
For life's battle does not favor neither the old nor the young.
So if you relent, in the mouth of failures you will become a song.

To be strong and courageous is what one should have in mind.
For there are people who are like you, or worse than your kind.
But if you raise your hands higher into heavens, you will play with brighter stars,
Then you will ask the same question as I did for I've always had success in mind.


It's never too late to learn,
except if one has no plan.
Even though it's hard to understand,
It's my duty to keep it in hand.
I'm never too old to learn.
For even the weak and feeble do have something they can understand.
So age can not give me a mental band,
For even in death I'll keep on to learn.
I'll keep on learning even if I don't want to.
Therefore being a student is not something one has to be called to.
I'm still a student, one that is prudent,
I'm still a student whether in health or illness.
I'm still a student, that I must be proud to say,
and I know at the end I'll have no regrets.


An abnormal stain in character,
that has caused many lives to shatter.
From a tender age it do start,
even when old, still behaves like a brat.
all because of indiscipline one can't face the fact.

Like a prey in a snare it do grab our lives,
Identifying us negatively in positive issues that arise.
Making us to loose better things even from the wise.
So why not we start breaking it ties...for just like an evil spell,
Indiscipline does not take heed to age, neither size.

It has led many lives to dishonor,
Lack of respect and friendship from even those they love so much.
It results only to timeless regrets,
Cause lots of people have being affected by this negative character if only we can reflect.
Talking about this little demon, indiscipline has become a major subject.

How can we stand against indiscipline?
From a modest character and controlled mind,
We start going in for discipline.
Also to be mild and tender in both speech and action...
All these should be real and not a fiction.
Through this, indiscipline will have no root in our lives nor our nation.


It flaunts in the midst of nobles.
It makes cowards to stumble.
All because it sounds like a real tool.
Yeah... My gun really serves me as a mantle.

Whenever I'm out in the lawn,
Weaklings do run all because of my toy gun.
They don't know that this thing is only for fun.
With a smile on my face as I do turn,
Only to see guys portray on the floor, as they do crawl.

Bad boys think that I'm the worse...
So they want me to be their boss.
All because I'm fearless and hardly loose,
So they think I being their boss is a just cause.


Six aside well play the game,
Different rules but the style
remains the same.
No one is playing to be fame,
But to achieve his or her aim.

I'm a rising guy that is landing,
I dislike cruelty but enjoy caring.
Take your time and keep to your bearing,
For life is all about taking and sharing.

Live fully and die empty,
Be sober and stop panting.
In life so many things will be tempting,
But don't give in, for one day you'll have plenty.