Monday, 27 June 2016


So many things going on yet we mostly tend not to care
We are scared of what of to say; living in perpetual fear
What good does it make if our feelings we cannot share?
Instead, we watch things grow worst year after year

Let’s talk about the selfish leaders in our nations
They’re more like the serpent in God’s creation
All they say are words that lure us into damnation
While we suffer with no hope for our future generation

Let’s talk about the homeless kids on our streets
How do they live, clothe, or even get food to eat?
No shelter, no education; yet we claim they are the future
I really don’t get the type of image we’re trying to capture

Let’s talk about ourselves; me and you…
We never take responsibilities for the things we do
Always wanting others to step into our shoes

And we blame them for not paying our dues… let’s talk!

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