Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Mother, My Motivation

She's being there even when I had no idea
She's held me through the dark stages till it's all clear
She's my strength and courage that kicks away every fear
She's my mother,  my motivation, and that's why I share.

Every second, her words keep playing in my mind
She's my search engine to whatever I want to find
She's the most unique being in the universe, I haven't seen her kind
My mother, my motivation, the pace that keeps up my grind.

She's the best friend I've ever had
We're so close that I never miss my dad
Always correcting my wrongs and never making me look bad
Gives me hope in distress; the reason I'm always glad

My mother, my life's greatest motivation
She's the best I've had, my main inspiration
In all I do,  she ensures she makes her little contribution
My mother, the best in the universe not only our nation.

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