Tuesday, 31 January 2012


An outstanding virtue,
That builds, mould and make you.
Your real self it shows out true,
and blows you into the sky blue.

It works with time and controls the mind,
Never puts you in haste for things you can't find.
It leaves you no regrets for the things behind,
but builds in you hope, just as the movement of the blind.

It is the greatest of all riches,
but into the heart of the humble it reaches.
Perseverance and courage it teaches,
And brings joy to those it embraces.

Search for this hidden treasure.
It may be boring sometimes cause it may keep you from some pleasures.
But it makes you enjoy your leisure,
And in the end it brings no torture. 


An unconditional desperation that has been set in me.
My heart longed desire is what i just can't let go for free.
The force in me, that wants me to always break the seal.
And until i get that which i want, it remains a secret that cannot be revealed.

Darkness may arise, thorns may pierce and  hell may rage.
But a fixed goal have i embraced and placed on my mind's stage.
Come what may, 'THIS' cannot be erased.
For it's my everyday yarning and until achieved, can never be dissolved.

For everyday with my might i do strive,
So i may reach my goal alive.
For i know the future will be bright,
and that which i want, i'll reach at some height.
That has been my heart beat and so i had it right. 


A day won't go by without me thinking about you.
It's like your affections are on me like a flu.
Your beauty has fallen on me just as the dew.
And your words keep me calm more than when the sea is blue.

Oh! what a virteous lady I've found.
The perfect type i've been searching for all around.
You've captivated my soul, and set my heart ablaze.
I will emerge the winner, if ever your love is a race.
For all I want now is to hear your voice and get your taste.

To the most beautiful lady I do write,
Asking that upon me may shine your love light.
It doesn't matter whether you're near or far away, for I'll always keep you in sight,
and I'm ready to please you, come day or night.

From Mizie, to my dearest Anna,
the lady of my dreams and the one i wanna... Marry.    

Monday, 30 January 2012


She's always tender, and hopes for the better.
She transforms her dark world to be brighter.
She takes risk, even if her life she should render.
She's capable of filling all gaps including that of a father.
She's unique and that has made her to be a mother.

She teaches and encourages other children,
she's got enough shelter for upon those it might rain.
She's always happy even if she misses the train,
and she's excellent in terms of using her brain.

Godliness and contentment has been the order of her day.
Even without a child, she can still hold back her pain.
For she believes she's more wealthier than what others consider as gain.
With good thoughts in her mind, she's always entertained.

She believes she's a mother, even without her own
biological son or daughter.
So she takes it as her responsibility to keep the future
of other children brighter.
For she believes being a earthly mother lasts only for a while,
but the one thereafter will last forever...

And this has made her a mother.


It's in me and i can't just let it out.
No matter how despaired I am, it stays within.
I've realized it's a piece of me and i can never
be able to fight against it,
for writing has become part of me and it stays in me.

I've come to appreciate this wonderful gift of mine,
and I'll continue to write even in the dark till it shines.
It shall be as a video in the minds of the blind,
for through this i know know the world will never be left behind.

I'm not writing for me to be fame,
neither do i seek any material gain.
But my passion for humanity makes
me do it all the same...
For with it i hope, sanity might reign.

I'll write and write till it gets bright,
I'll always write till it gets in sight.
With my writings for the world I'll always fight,
till i realize the least person has gotten his or her right.


Open your mouth and sing aloud.
In your distress, keep on singing for soon joy you'll find.
Make merry and forget the times you've fallen,
for in happiness, sad moments do tarry.

Whether young or old, make some noise.
In sickness or in health, lift your voice.
Don't allow discouragement to drag you down
for you have a choice...
Just sing a song then you'll start to rejoice.

Sing a song and dance along...
Don't mind the things or the people you're among.
It is best when in yourself you do belong...
For life is short even though it seems long.

Sing a song! Sing a meaningful song.
One that refreshes and makes you feel young.
Not those that misleads and take you back to the dungeon,
but the ones that washes away your guilt's and makes you stay
away from things that you do wrong.
So keep on singing that song...


I had a dream that one day, I'm going to be me.
All I want I'll have, and the world will know me.
With joy in my heart as I smile people will be shouting for me....
Say AMEN!!! if you feel me.

The world will change and things will no longer be the same.
All will be calm as we go along with one aim.
There will be no fighting and killing for we know we are all the same...
Shout AMEN!!! for it's going to be fine again.

The poor will be rich and the sick will gain health.
People will be sharing and there will be nothing like rent.
There will be no sadness, happiness throughout and no regrets..
Say AMEN!!! for all this will happen and there will be no neglects.

Children will play, women will smile.
All men will be gentle and mild...
The world will be best for all are kind,
keep saying AMEN!!! for we'll all live
with one and progressive minds.


It all goes like a race, for the winners are yet to emerge.
Like a flower that grows and in the end fades away,
so is life as it goes away...
A faithful servant that yields to both the master and His tame.

Sometimes you'll rise but mostly you must pay the price.
It's the reason why we mourn for our loved ones on their demise...
Seeking for the best we always do strive,
while life itself lies in us as we go on alive.

That's the way it has been, and so it will always be.
For not all should stay, but some must flee.
It maybe yours today and others tomorrow...
So whatever you do, note that your life isn't yours,
but was borrowed... 

Saturday, 28 January 2012


To the rich and self sufficient I do write.
To our leaders, international bodies, Ngo's. Please hear me right.
Heads of communities, neighbors, please lets help in this fight.
For the needy and poor are out there and we must seek their plight.

From massive hunger, no shelter and no proper medical care people do die.
Most of us care less, so we hardly ask "why?"
Why must this happen, when they are things you and I can untie?
But instead, we give deaf ears to their cries.

Poverty has become an inheritance in most countries...
A lot have settled for less and are now addicted to troubles and worries.
Living meaningless lives, for it seems they've got no stories.
'Emotional stress, physical violence,' we must end all these.

Women are suffering, children are crying, people are dying...
Why can't we come to their rescue?
'war, crime, violence...' it might have been either me or you.
We must do something before it turns red from blue.
For someone needs help, for it can only be granted by me and you.


The Heavens are bright
and I can see the sun light.
Birds in flight and children fly kite
With all these in sight, I can feel God's might.

A day so calm and problem free,
No sorrows, filled with joy as worries flee.
Abundance of life in nature I see,
as I relax and enjoy the breeze from the sea.

Oh what a joyous day I've always waited for.
Life's in its best as in yourself you take a tour.
Count your many blessings and you will know it's for sure...
For a new day has begun and you must endure