Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Through my travails, pains and past i did cry.
Feeling miserable, filled with fear for I was so empty within.
My life was crooked with troubles all around as I ask myself 'why?'
I was all alone with no one to talk with.
'Life is hard' is what i usually say to myself.
Shedding tears everyday, never hoping that someday my life will be built.
I lost courage and confidence and considered myself useless.
Until one day when hope came to me and said "Arise and be strong,
for nothing lasts forever."
Her words came in the time I was weeping...
For it was the first time to myself I heard someone speak.
Though in my distress, I've realized I was never alone.
I wiped off my tears and said, 'this little boy is now grown'
Then fell my last tear drop, as I decided to cry no more.
For with hope by my side, I know I'll get what I want and
into the air I'll be blown.

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