Tuesday, 21 February 2012


A     E       I    O      U
This is what I've written for you.
If you can't race at the sky-blue,
I'll cast on you my vowel flu.

A!!! Dance along for 'A'
Shout with joy for Ray!
We're all here to play,
sing hip...hip...hip... Hooray!!!

E!!! Sit and think about 'E'!
While I serve each of you some tea.
Take as much for it costs no fee,
as I'll reach to prune my tree.

I!!! Considering you and I,
who do you think can catch that fly?
Remember I can also fly, and that makes
me to go up high.

O!!! You know I love you so.
Your memories in my mind always flow.
I promise to make your lights glow,
and to be you shield when it blows.

U!!! Yes I mean you.
I know you like my vowel flu.
Don't worry, I'll keep giving you some clue,
but it's only when I'm in suit and shoe...
Then you can catch my vowel flu.

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