Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Made in hell here she comes.
Flee from her before she turns.
From her presence you must always run,
Cause she's seductive and that she takes as fun.

She's destructive, endangered but luring.
With glitters in her eyes, she's always flirting.
Refuse her smiles for they are tempting.
For she's a hater of men that are rising.

Neglect her steps and refuse the smell of her perfume.
She's crafty and will entertain you to your doom.
She pretends to be a bride that seeks a groom,
But has no virtue and she'll fulfill you to the tomb.

Hide yourselves oh great men of valor.
For in her hands mighty men have fallen.
She is stubborn and her tricks are cunning.
The words of her mouth are powerful to piercing.
So therefore run, for your lives she is yearning.

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