Friday, 10 February 2012


When you think life has got no meaning while living,
It's hard to survive without any earning.
You are still strong while your dreams are dying,
Just have hope and stop complaining.

If you strive and yet you stumble,
It doesn't mean your life is in shamble.
Take your time to play life's gamble,
For with hope one day you will be able.

If you are struggling to survive,
To your destination you want to arrive.
To no avail you do strive,
Be happy for there is hope hence you're alive.

While the sun shines you must make hay,
For those that don't know their way.
For if darkness has caused you to lay,
Be patient and forget about the delay,
For life is like a relay,
Just be filled with hope, cause one day you will shout hooray.

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