Saturday, 28 January 2012


To the rich and self sufficient I do write.
To our leaders, international bodies, Ngo's. Please hear me right.
Heads of communities, neighbors, please lets help in this fight.
For the needy and poor are out there and we must seek their plight.

From massive hunger, no shelter and no proper medical care people do die.
Most of us care less, so we hardly ask "why?"
Why must this happen, when they are things you and I can untie?
But instead, we give deaf ears to their cries.

Poverty has become an inheritance in most countries...
A lot have settled for less and are now addicted to troubles and worries.
Living meaningless lives, for it seems they've got no stories.
'Emotional stress, physical violence,' we must end all these.

Women are suffering, children are crying, people are dying...
Why can't we come to their rescue?
'war, crime, violence...' it might have been either me or you.
We must do something before it turns red from blue.
For someone needs help, for it can only be granted by me and you.

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