Monday, 30 January 2012


It's in me and i can't just let it out.
No matter how despaired I am, it stays within.
I've realized it's a piece of me and i can never
be able to fight against it,
for writing has become part of me and it stays in me.

I've come to appreciate this wonderful gift of mine,
and I'll continue to write even in the dark till it shines.
It shall be as a video in the minds of the blind,
for through this i know know the world will never be left behind.

I'm not writing for me to be fame,
neither do i seek any material gain.
But my passion for humanity makes
me do it all the same...
For with it i hope, sanity might reign.

I'll write and write till it gets bright,
I'll always write till it gets in sight.
With my writings for the world I'll always fight,
till i realize the least person has gotten his or her right.

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