Monday, 30 January 2012


Open your mouth and sing aloud.
In your distress, keep on singing for soon joy you'll find.
Make merry and forget the times you've fallen,
for in happiness, sad moments do tarry.

Whether young or old, make some noise.
In sickness or in health, lift your voice.
Don't allow discouragement to drag you down
for you have a choice...
Just sing a song then you'll start to rejoice.

Sing a song and dance along...
Don't mind the things or the people you're among.
It is best when in yourself you do belong...
For life is short even though it seems long.

Sing a song! Sing a meaningful song.
One that refreshes and makes you feel young.
Not those that misleads and take you back to the dungeon,
but the ones that washes away your guilt's and makes you stay
away from things that you do wrong.
So keep on singing that song...

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