Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A day won't go by without me thinking about you.
It's like your affections are on me like a flu.
Your beauty has fallen on me just as the dew.
And your words keep me calm more than when the sea is blue.

Oh! what a virteous lady I've found.
The perfect type i've been searching for all around.
You've captivated my soul, and set my heart ablaze.
I will emerge the winner, if ever your love is a race.
For all I want now is to hear your voice and get your taste.

To the most beautiful lady I do write,
Asking that upon me may shine your love light.
It doesn't matter whether you're near or far away, for I'll always keep you in sight,
and I'm ready to please you, come day or night.

From Mizie, to my dearest Anna,
the lady of my dreams and the one i wanna... Marry.    

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