Monday, 30 January 2012


I had a dream that one day, I'm going to be me.
All I want I'll have, and the world will know me.
With joy in my heart as I smile people will be shouting for me....
Say AMEN!!! if you feel me.

The world will change and things will no longer be the same.
All will be calm as we go along with one aim.
There will be no fighting and killing for we know we are all the same...
Shout AMEN!!! for it's going to be fine again.

The poor will be rich and the sick will gain health.
People will be sharing and there will be nothing like rent.
There will be no sadness, happiness throughout and no regrets..
Say AMEN!!! for all this will happen and there will be no neglects.

Children will play, women will smile.
All men will be gentle and mild...
The world will be best for all are kind,
keep saying AMEN!!! for we'll all live
with one and progressive minds.

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