Friday, 2 March 2012


An abnormal stain in character,
that has caused many lives to shatter.
From a tender age it do start,
even when old, still behaves like a brat.
all because of indiscipline one can't face the fact.

Like a prey in a snare it do grab our lives,
Identifying us negatively in positive issues that arise.
Making us to loose better things even from the wise.
So why not we start breaking it ties...for just like an evil spell,
Indiscipline does not take heed to age, neither size.

It has led many lives to dishonor,
Lack of respect and friendship from even those they love so much.
It results only to timeless regrets,
Cause lots of people have being affected by this negative character if only we can reflect.
Talking about this little demon, indiscipline has become a major subject.

How can we stand against indiscipline?
From a modest character and controlled mind,
We start going in for discipline.
Also to be mild and tender in both speech and action...
All these should be real and not a fiction.
Through this, indiscipline will have no root in our lives nor our nation.

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