Friday, 2 March 2012


Sometimes, it's  really hard to believe that I survived.
In a world full of trouble, yet on eagles wing I do ride.
Having hope, faith and courage, but pride I do put aside.
It's hard to believe that I'm the same me that has got favor, glory and honor on my side.

'I'm I really me?' Is the question I normally ask myself.
Especially when I'm out of track, but still doing things by myself.
For pains and sufferings, happiness and joy, are part of life themselves.
So one needs to be prepared to accept things to him or herself.

It's obvious that distraction and deviation may try to occur.
But be strong and don't give in neither try to succumb.
For life's battle does not favor neither the old nor the young.
So if you relent, in the mouth of failures you will become a song.

To be strong and courageous is what one should have in mind.
For there are people who are like you, or worse than your kind.
But if you raise your hands higher into heavens, you will play with brighter stars,
Then you will ask the same question as I did for I've always had success in mind.

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  1. Very nice blog Mizie, good you'll write untill you're dead, it's a passion, i know..